Spectroscopies of Interfaces for MAterials and life (SIMAVI)

Team leader : Cédric Carteret

Person doing Raman spectrometry
Spectroscopie Raman

The Spectroscopies Interfaces of MAterials and life (SIMAVI) team is interested in the physicochemical properties of minerals, nanomaterials, biological objects / model microorganisms, and their interfaces.

Its research is organized on two major themes:

Ses recherches s’organisent sur deux thèmes majeurs :

Our activities are more particularly oriented towards the design of objects (elaboration, synthesis, functionalization, (nano)structuring), and a better understanding of the reactivity, dynamics and molecular interactions at solid/liquid, solid/gas, and biointerfaces.

Transversal actions are carried out with the other teams of the LCPME, more particularly on the interactions of microorganisms with surfaces/materials, and on the spectro-electrochemistry coupling.

The investigation methods used combine spectroscopies and microscopies (SMI platform) with theoretical modeling tools (DFT, molecular dynamics, thermodynamics). They are based on original experimental developments allowing in situ and/or real time spectroscopic and microscopic analyses of the studied systems under controlled environmental conditions (e.g. physicochemical and biological properties of the aqueous medium, humidity level of the atmosphere and hydrodynamic conditions of the fluid in contact with the solid surface, …). Emphasis is also put on the coupling of vibrational spectroscopies with AFM microscopy and electrochemistry.



The actions of the SIMAVI team meet societal and/or industrial expectations such as the prevention and control of biofilm formation in medical and industrial environments, the development of antimicrobial materials/surfaces, the (bio)-corrosion of steels, water purification, the remediation of polluted soils.


Computer with IR spectra
Spectroscopie Infrarouge
Layered Double Hydroxide particles through Transmission Electron Microscopy
Particules d'hydroxydes double lamellaires

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