A look back at… a visit to the LCPME in search of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in nature

Dessins réalisés par Nicolas Hamiaux, stagiaire M2-MIC avec des bactéries fluorescentes

As part of the month of health and medical research in the Grand Est offering a multitude of events for all audiences during the month of March 2023, the LCPME offered two visits to its premises at the Brabois Santé site: Wednesday March 15 at 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Presentation of the themes and…… Continue reading A look back at… a visit to the LCPME in search of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in nature

Targeting viruses against bacterial infections

Our physicochemists and microbiologists join forces to fight bacterial infections by using a family of bacteriophage viruses to cilate and destroy bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus. Read the INC article. Read the article in INC.

GFSM 2022

GFSM 2022 The next 2022 days of the Francophone Mössbauer Spectrometry Group (GFSM) will take place in person at the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (INIST), CNRS Jean Zay site in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy. They are organized jointly by the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Microbiology for Materials and the Environment (LCPME) and the Jean Lamour… Continue reading GFSM 2022

Madjid Tarabet on France Culture

Madjid Tarabet participated in the show La Météo Scientifique (France Culture) on March 23, 2022. He presented his thesis entitled “Assembly of nanomaterials at the liquid-liquid interface for the spectro-electrochemical detection of chiral molecules” which he carried out in the laboratory. He has been carrying out his work under the direction of Manuel Dossot and… Continue reading Madjid Tarabet on France Culture

Sofiane El-Kirat receives the 2021 Suzanne Zivi Prize

The Stanislas Academy awarded, on the occasion of this new academic year, three prizes under the Suzanne Zivi foundation. These prizes are intended to reward young lecturers from the University of Lorraine or EPST research managers working in a laboratory of the University or associated with it. Candidates with a high-level research background must be… Continue reading Sofiane El-Kirat receives the 2021 Suzanne Zivi Prize

Interview with Christophe Gantzer on BFMTV

Translation result Christophe Gantzer answers questions from BFMTV on the current circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in wastewater. You can find the link to the interview here.